FAQ for our store (Edited on December 19th)

1. Can I get a discount when I buy a lot of products?

> Yes, please refer to the following link. We provide codes that offer discounts when customers purchase more than a certain number of products.


2. The product I want to purchase is out of stock. can i buy this?

> Product may be remanufactured. Or maybe we already have the product. Please let me know via email what product you would like to purchase.

email : silkroadpro.com@gmail.com

3. When will pokemon display vmax climax Korean Ver in stock?

> The exact schedule has not been displayed yet. Based on past experience, the release schedule of the latest Korean version of Pokemon booster can be inferred as follows.

  • VMAX Climax : January 23rd

When we know the exact schedule, we will make a pre order page and notify you via email.

4. Can you ship to the area where I live?
> To check if delivery is possible, please go to the checkout page after adding any product to your shopping cart. We can ship to your area if shipping costs are indicated. We usually set the shipping policy up to 23kg.

If the shipping cost is not displayed, we can create a shipping policy for you. Please contact the customer center.